Monday, 1 November 2021

⭐️ Have you watched Alana's YouTube channel? ⭐️

 Our model Alana Elliott has launched a YouTube channel! In her videos she shares her knowledge & advice for; aspiring, beginner & experienced models. Having been represented by Face since DAY 1, we are so proud of the success of her career.

We have been entertained throughout as she shares her own experience of her ups & downs, funny stories and amazing campaigns she has worked on throughout her modelling career - over on her channel.

You can watch Alana's latest YouTube video HERE, sharing how she booked 10 TV commercials & many other exciting projects within her first year of getting into the world of acting. 

You can watch Alana's very first YouTube HERE sharing her struggles of getting signed and how it was Vicky our Founder here at Face who was the first to she her potential.

Whether you're an aspiring model wanting to find out how to get into the modelling industry, a beginner model wanting to learn more about the industry and how to take you're career to the next level or if you've been on our books since day 1 - go hit SUBSCRIBE and tune in every Sunday for a new video!

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