Wednesday 5 April 2023

Face Juniors - your questions answered!

All your child modelling FAQ's answered...


How to apply at Face, for my child? 

You can head over to our website, where we break down all the details you need and the contact information, to apply for representation for your child. We also provide an example of the type of photos to submit. Apply here.

What clients do you work with?

Face has been established now for over a decade and we work with some of the biggest names in the business! You can check out our Instagram to see all the latest campaigns we have been working on. To name a small few; Mamas & Papas, Asda, Tog24, Jet2 and Silent Night.

How much do kids earn from modelling? 

The rates can vary. It all depends on the clients budget, usage fees and how long the shoot is for (whether it is a couple of hours, half day, full day or a couple of days). 

Once my child is represented by Face, are they guaranteed work

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your child work - no reputable agency can (if they say they can, it could be a scam!). We have no control over what work comes our way and what models the client chooses. 

What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

If you join our books and you already have a portfolio of professional images, we will invite you in to meet the bookers and have a chat about how the agency works. If you don't already have a portfolio - you will be invited to attend a kids photographic day, at our offices, to create a portfolio. From there, your child will be registered with the agency and their images are uploaded onto the website. Any briefs that your child meets the criteria for, we will put them forward. If a clients contacts us to meet your child for a casting and/or book them for a shoot, we will contact you immediately. 

 Does it cost any money for my child to join Face?

We do not charge any registration fees. We do charge for our kids photographic days, all costs are discussed prior to accepting a child onto the books and there are no costs that are compulsory.