Monday 16 March 2020

4 must-read tips when applying to a model agency

Signing with an agency is a huge step forward to kick-starting your career & can sometimes be tricky, so it is essential that you nail your application to give you the best chance possible, which is why we are sharing with you our top 4 tips when sending your application. 

Tip 1: 

Every agency has their own way of accepting applications. It is important you go on their website and have a look on how to apply and follow their steps, otherwise your application might be disregarded.

Tip 2: 

Most agencies will have an application form with a list of information they require you fill out, however if you are sending an application via email make sure you always include the following: 

- Name
- Age
- Location 
- Occupation / availability
- Contact details i.e. contact number and email address 
-Stats women: height, dress, bust, cup, waist, hips, shoe
-Stats men: height, chest, waist, suit, inside leg, collar, shoe
- Stats kids: height, chest, waist, clothing and shoe size

It's important that all your stats are accurate so it's best to take your measurements on the day you send your application.

Tip 3: 

Give a little information about yourself, i.e. what you currently do, whether you're in university and if so what you're studying, your occupation, whether you are a driver or not, availability, hobbies, interests and talents; for example if you speak different languages, play any instruments, skilled in a sport - make sure you include this as this makes your application unique and agencies receive lots of briefs looking for people with a certain skill.

Tip 4:

Sending natural polaroid style pictures are an important part to the application. Some people understandably get confused by what this means, so we have included examples along with some easy steps to follow to take the perfect picture. 

How to take the correct pictures for your application: 

- Stand against a plain white wall 
-Wear some figure hugging clothes to show off your figure. Girls - leggings/jeans & a vest is usually best. Boys - navy jeans & a white/black plain t-shirt tends to work well.
-Take a head shot, three quarter & full length shot both from the front & each side profile and from the back
- Wear natural or minimal makeup 
- Natural light is best 
-Have a mixture of smiles & more serious poses ;)
- Applications with images using filters and selfies will not be accepted
*If you have professional or work shots, send these with your application but make sure you also include some polaroid shots like we’ve explained above.

REMEMBER! Agencies want to see up to date images of what you naturally look like right now so please make sure your pictures are up to date!

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