Wednesday 8 March 2023


 Frequently asked questions for ACTORS


Do I need professional headshots to be an actor?

Yes! Your headshot is the first thing the casting director is going to see when you are submitted for a role, so you must invest in top quality professional headshots. However, this is something an agency can help you with if you get representation. 


Can I be an actor if I haven’t attended drama school? 

Yes! Everyone has to start somewhere. So if you haven’t attended drama school but you think you have what it takes, you can apply to an agency and do an audition OR you could even record a piece on your phone and submit it with your application so they can see your potential. 


I want to be an actor but I don’t know where to start? 

Some of our actors at Face joined our books as Supporting Artists and worked their way to becoming an actor by getting the credits, attending acting classes & are now on Spotlight! So why not apply to Face as a Supporting Artist and you never know where it may take you… 

Do I need a showreel?

To be a working actor YES, you need a showreel! However, that does not mean you need one to apply for representation, as this is something your agent can help you with. 


Does it cost money to become an actor?

Like any job, you need to invest! To be a working actor you need; professional headshots, a Spotlight membership, a showreel & usually actors continue to hone in on their craft by attending acting classes & workshops etc… all of which you will be responsible for paying for. 

Click here to apply for representation at FACE  

Click here to apply for representation at FACTOR 


What is the difference between Face & Factor?

At Face we represent; models, creatives, supporting artists and actors available for commercials. At Factor we represent professional actors who are on Spotlight. So, if you are an actor with no prior training or experience you can apply to Face however if you are an actor who has either; attended drama school &/or are currently on Spotlight you should apply to Factor.