Wednesday 12 June 2024

In The Spotlight: Kesh & Hattie (real life model couple)


1. How did you both get into the acting / modelling industry?

Hattie started acting first then realised they go hand in hand so focused on both! Kesh did some photos for the university prospectus which he then used to go into the modelling industry. 

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models / actors? 

Take every opportunity and learn from others! There’s a lot to be learnt on set so always stay focused. Take plenty of wardrobe options - it always comes in handy! 

3. What's it like working together? 

Good fun! It’s nice to be able to be on set together & make memories and have each other there for support! Also handy as Kesh can carry the bags! 😂

4. The shoot you both enjoyed shooting together the most?

Our favourite job was on the Christmas shoot Lacey secured us! We ended up in the store magazine which was amazing as everyone saw it and it’s our favourite time of the year (even though we did shoot it in the summer!) 

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

The best thing about Face is the amazing opportunities we have been given to work with some top brands. The team in the office are so friendly, we feel we can talk to them about anything ! We can’t wait to pop in again soon and say hello 

6. Your dream brand to model for as a couple? 

Our dream brand to work for would be a holiday destination/ travel company brand! We love travelling the U.K. but would love to go abroad soon.