Friday 26 May 2023



How did you get into the modelling / acting industry? 

I got into the performing arts industry mainly by modelling for some small starter businesses. One job lead to another and I was getting consistent work. All whilst working a full-time job. Eventually I left my job and put all of my energy into focusing on my career. 

Best piece of advice for aspiring models & actors? 

My best piece of advice for aspiring models/ actors is to always remember that you are valuable as an individual without the make-up, cameras, glitz and glam. Know your self worth, work on your mind just as much as your body, read books, train as much as you can in preparation for the ‘yes’ we are all waiting for. 

Your favourite shoot to date? 

My favourite shoot to date has to be my recent Nivea commercial. I worked with a great team on this one and the other 2 actors/singers were a dream to work with. 

What actor would you choose to play you in a movie? (other than yourself 😆) 

Oooo this is tricky, I think I would choose Yara Shahidi because I think she’s fabulous and some people think we look alike.

Best thing about being represented by FACE? 

The best thing about being represented by FACE is the relationship I have with the girls. I know Vicky and the girls genuinely want me to do well and that’s something that is rare to come by in this industry. A big thank you to Face for supporting and believing in me. 😘

[Nichola is represented by FACE as a model and our sister agency FACTOR as an actor.]
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