Monday 17 July 2023

In The Spotlight: AMY STEED

1. How did you get into the modelling industry? 

I began modelling when I was 16 by entering a competition in Cosmopolitan. I was one of the finalists and caught the attention of a major plus-size agency, which signed me up straight away. I worked for many years as a plus-size model for some amazing brands but the work was still very limited. A lot of labels were frightened to use someone who represented the majority of women, so even as a size 16, I was considered too big. Now 17 years later, things are changing. I feel included, accepted and like I can be myself. 

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models?

You have to stop comparing yourself to others. Don't look at others and want their goals, be happy for them but you need to make your own and work hard to get there as nothing just comes to you. 

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date?

My favourite shoot to date would have to be for Bell Bridal Magazine. I did an 8 page spread all about body positivity and this meant so much to me it was a dream! It's made me hungry and I want to continue being an advocate for self love and pushing the boundaries for curvy bodies in the fashion industry.

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

This is a real tough one as I could choose a few but to be honest I think I would have to pick Ashley Graham! She is curvy, glam, confident, tall and seems to have similar qualities as me. She's also a mother and body positivity is at the forefront of her work, so yes I feel she would be a good choice to play me.

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

I love to be represented by Face as no shoot is ever the same - one minute you're shooting skincare and the next you're shooing a boiler commercial! I love the flexibility of it all and how everyone is super positive and easy to work with and the fact it doesn't matter about what size I am, I'm represented as me and I love that ❤️ 

6. Who is your dream brand to shoot for and why? 

If I could choose a brand to shoot for it would have to be Victoria Beckham. I've always loved her and I love the fact that it's a British brand. However, I feel that her clothes aren't always represented by the everyday woman and I really would love to be able to model her clothing and show you can be curvy and high fashion as we shouldn't just be in a mould of the type of style that seems to be pushed upon the curvy body.