Friday 29 May 2015

What A Beautiful Mess!!!!

Our little ones have been getting down right messy on the latest Turtle Wax Campaign.

Brilliant work from Georgia O'Malley, Cameren Scholefield, Jaidon Perrett, Tobias Masterson, Joseph Blake and Hollie Larkin

Extra Edge

Rob Hallas keeping extra cool in the latest Jacamo stills campaign.


The lovely Emma Jeng and gorgeous as ever Luke Cannon have been busy filming the new Morrisons TV Commercial.

Take a look!

Stay Fresh

Well done to Alana Elliott who has been shooting for Harrogate Spring Water's campaign.

From Yorkshire to Yorkshire

Keep your eyes peeled for Faith Trinder, Matt Bates, Olivia Rawnsley, Sue McCartney and John Sagar on the new Yorkshire Building Society Campaign.

Face are doing it for Regatta

Our models have been busy shooting for the latest Regatta shoot.

Fabulous work from Tom Neate, Zach Williamson, Lucy Woodroffe, Megan McWhire, Connor Yeates, Hannah Beumont, Kimberley Williams and James McGonagle.

In The Bag

Graham and Carla have just finished shooting for Johnson's In the Bag Campaign.

Wonderful work as always.

Lloyds Pharmacy TV Commercial

Take a look at the lovely Emma Ward in the new Lloyds Pharmacy TV Commercial.

She seems perfectly healthy to us! 

Thursday 21 May 2015

Help Ryan Meet Avril

Face artistes have been busy teaming up with Powerhouse for a very good cause.

Ryan is a young boy with juvenile Battens Disease and his one dream is to meet Avril Lavigne.

This video was made to mirror his desire to meet Avril in the hope that her team will see it and help.

Fabulous work from Alana Elliott, Daniel Matthias, Adam Probets, Martin Calcroft, Jamie D'Arcy, Nick Banks and Cameron Hutchinson.

You can read more about Ryan here.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Welcoming Jasmine Breakspear - our new Junior Booker!

We are so pleased to have Jasmine on board who will be looking after the children and walk on divisions. So - a few things you might like to know....

Q: Favourite place to holiday?
J: St Lucia

Q: What makes you happy?
J: Being with friends and family

Q: Favourite food?
J: Crisps! 

Q: Favourite colour?
J: Green - I always get my nails done Green!

Q: Do you have any pets?
J: No!

Q: who's your favourite band?
J: Spice Girls (the old stuff!)

Monday 11 May 2015

Summer City Denim....


 Lizzie & Aneta show us how it's done in

Saturday's Yorkshire Post Magazine!!