Thursday 21 December 2023


There is only a few more sleeps until the big man arrives 🎅 
Which means another year has come to an end and it has been a fabulous one here at FACE thanks to YOU - our amazing clients, talent & employees! 

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & we look forward to connecting with you all when our offices REOPEN on 2nd January 2024.

 Be safe, happy & healthy over the festive period. ⭐️

Lots of love, FACE 

Wednesday 8 November 2023

In The Spotlight: LEAH HARRIS

 1. How did you get into the acting / modelling industry? 

After my A-levels I went to a Performing Arts college in Essex and we had to get head/ body shots for auditions and I absolutely loved the photoshoot! It was from those first images that I got signed to my first agency in London !

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models / actors?

Invest in yourself. At the start I did a couple of test shoots for photographers/ videographers without payment, this added to my portfolio and gave me more modelling experience.

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date? 

I couldn’t choose there has been too many fun days and every shoot is so different! But being Taylor Swift's stand in has to be up there! I learned so much watching her in action and just being on that set!

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

Rachel McAdams because she is one of my favourite actresses AND she gave us The Notebook and Mean Girls in one year, I mean the diversity!!! 
Julia Roberts because she’s just incredible.

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

I absolutely love everyone at Face! The girls in the office are all so easy to get along with and chat too. Vicky is at the end of the phone whenever I need! The girls keep me busy with regular work and it’s FACE that really helped take off my career as a model so I will always appreciate them for that.

6. Did you always want to be in this industry or did you have a different childhood dream? 

When I was about 5 I saw Mary Poppins in the West End, that’s when I decided I wanted to perform. Although, I’d already been annoying my family with performances since I was tiny. 

I think I always secretly wanted to model especially after watching Victoria Secret runways when I was younger!! I still have a long way to go and want to push the acting side of my career too as I always saw myself being in films and naturally taking to acting roles. Let’s manifest ✨

Monday 2 October 2023

In The Spotlight: DEBORAH HIRZEL

1. How did you get into the acting / modelling industry? 

Quite by accident in my 40s. I was spotted in a charity fashion show and was also a runner up in Specsavers Spectacle wearer of the year, both of which led to me being signed. I threw myself into it full time after I turned 50. 

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models / actors?

Be yourself. There's so much rejection in this industry, so just remember, if you don't get the job, they weren't looking for you & move on to the next one. 

3. The shoot you are most proud of booking, to date? 

My first speaking role in a TVC filmed in Copenhagen. An incredible experience that allowed me to stretch my modelling career in a new direction.

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

When I was a teenager I was told I looked like Brooke Shields, in my 20s Demi Moore and Elizabeth Hurley, in my 30s Jennifer Aniston and in my 40s Kate Middleton and Bobbi Brown. Now my hair is going grey that's a tricky one. My kids think I look like the Bride of Frankenstein with my white side streaks!! 

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

Face were one of my first agencies and the variety of jobs I've had gave me the confidence to pursue this career full time after being a stay at home mum for 20 years. 

6. Your dream brand to model for?

A big hair brand. Don't rule me out because I'm going grey. 

Tuesday 22 August 2023

In The Spotlight: NICKY CAMPBELL

 1. How did you get into the creative industry? 

I’ve been “in the biz” since I was a child. I then trained full-time in Dance, Acting & Singing at a professional Theatre School and embarked on a professional Dance career for over 15 years. Focusing more on the Acting/Presenting was a natural progression once my Dance career came to an end.

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models / actors / presenters? 

This is a tough industry, you need to accept the rejection and move onto the next project. Be professional at all times, this is a career not a hobby. 

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date? 

A TV Commercial campaign for BetFred several years ago. I got to play so many different characters and wear some fabulous costumes!

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

Reese Witherspoon. Love her. 

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

The variety of different sorts of work that come in. TVC’s, Presenting, Photographic, VoiceOver. 

6. Did you always want to be in this industry or did you have a different childhood dream? 

Having been in the industry since I was a child, it’s all I’ve ever known! The only other job I would do would be working with animals.

Monday 17 July 2023

In The Spotlight: AMY STEED

1. How did you get into the modelling industry? 

I began modelling when I was 16 by entering a competition in Cosmopolitan. I was one of the finalists and caught the attention of a major plus-size agency, which signed me up straight away. I worked for many years as a plus-size model for some amazing brands but the work was still very limited. A lot of labels were frightened to use someone who represented the majority of women, so even as a size 16, I was considered too big. Now 17 years later, things are changing. I feel included, accepted and like I can be myself. 

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models?

You have to stop comparing yourself to others. Don't look at others and want their goals, be happy for them but you need to make your own and work hard to get there as nothing just comes to you. 

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date?

My favourite shoot to date would have to be for Bell Bridal Magazine. I did an 8 page spread all about body positivity and this meant so much to me it was a dream! It's made me hungry and I want to continue being an advocate for self love and pushing the boundaries for curvy bodies in the fashion industry.

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

This is a real tough one as I could choose a few but to be honest I think I would have to pick Ashley Graham! She is curvy, glam, confident, tall and seems to have similar qualities as me. She's also a mother and body positivity is at the forefront of her work, so yes I feel she would be a good choice to play me.

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

I love to be represented by Face as no shoot is ever the same - one minute you're shooting skincare and the next you're shooing a boiler commercial! I love the flexibility of it all and how everyone is super positive and easy to work with and the fact it doesn't matter about what size I am, I'm represented as me and I love that ❤️ 

6. Who is your dream brand to shoot for and why? 

If I could choose a brand to shoot for it would have to be Victoria Beckham. I've always loved her and I love the fact that it's a British brand. However, I feel that her clothes aren't always represented by the everyday woman and I really would love to be able to model her clothing and show you can be curvy and high fashion as we shouldn't just be in a mould of the type of style that seems to be pushed upon the curvy body.

Tuesday 27 June 2023

In The Spotlight: MATT BATES

1. How did you get into the acting / modelling industry? 

I was doing accountancy for an insurance firm in Leeds, and one day because I hated it so much, I just stood up and walked out. Went straight over the road for a drink and got scouted in the pub. Started work the week after, so was very lucky!

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models / actors?

Treat this as a proper job, be professional, practice what you have to do on shoots. It’s not just as simple as standing there which a lot of people seem to think. Over time grow your model wardrobe too as this is your essential kit.

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date? 

Way too many to mention. Trekking in northern Canada, shooting at the Taj Mahal, the pyramids in Egypt, playing golf in Spain, playing football in Portugal, working all over Miami, working in Kenya, Dubai, all over Europe. I’ve been really lucky to have worked for a lot of the UK’s biggest brands, feel very blessed. 

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

It would have to be Matthew McConaughey, as a few people have said we kind of look alike. Personally I don’t see it. 

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

I have been with Vicky since the very first day of Face Models. I feel very lucky to work for Face, even more lucky to work for someone I consider a close and supportive friend.

6. Tell us a fun fact about yourself ☺️

I used to do a lot of work for the environment agency, where I was “Pond, James Pond…license to fish”.  Oh, and I once got asked out by Paris Hilton!!!

Wednesday 14 June 2023

In The Spotlight: GRACE SATO


1. How did you get into the acting / modelling industry? 

It all started when I was 18 when my former colleague asked if I would be interested in modelling for a cruelty-free, vegan skincare brand she worked for! I sent her some simple pictures of myself, attended the casting and before I knew it, I was having my first paid shoot with full-time professional models. 

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models / actors?

As for modelling, my advice is to not be afraid of rejection - it's part and parcel of the job. You may simply not have the right ‘look’ for what they are after at that moment in time.

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date? 

I enjoy all shoots with Face! But if I had to pick out a favourite, I think it would be the one with Grow Gorgeous, one of the UK’s biggest hair care brand. The entire team (there were 9 of us girls!) on set were absolutely lovely, and we had a wonderful time together swooshing my hair back and fourth! It was one of the best Friday's, which didn’t feel like a Friday and I came home with such lovely-smelling and shiny hair. We were a dream team!

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

Ooooh never thought about this before! Probably would choose Catherine Zeta Jones when she was younger. I’ve been told a few times we look alike, and plus she’s such an elegant lady!

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

The wonderful team members of the agency! Not only are they super organised and communicative, they are also wonderful, caring and the most pleasant to work with! They care about your development as a model and/or actress and I always feel like they have got my back no matter what 😊 Face wouldn’t be the same without the girls! 

Friday 26 May 2023



How did you get into the modelling / acting industry? 

I got into the performing arts industry mainly by modelling for some small starter businesses. One job lead to another and I was getting consistent work. All whilst working a full-time job. Eventually I left my job and put all of my energy into focusing on my career. 

Best piece of advice for aspiring models & actors? 

My best piece of advice for aspiring models/ actors is to always remember that you are valuable as an individual without the make-up, cameras, glitz and glam. Know your self worth, work on your mind just as much as your body, read books, train as much as you can in preparation for the ‘yes’ we are all waiting for. 

Your favourite shoot to date? 

My favourite shoot to date has to be my recent Nivea commercial. I worked with a great team on this one and the other 2 actors/singers were a dream to work with. 

What actor would you choose to play you in a movie? (other than yourself 😆) 

Oooo this is tricky, I think I would choose Yara Shahidi because I think she’s fabulous and some people think we look alike.

Best thing about being represented by FACE? 

The best thing about being represented by FACE is the relationship I have with the girls. I know Vicky and the girls genuinely want me to do well and that’s something that is rare to come by in this industry. A big thank you to Face for supporting and believing in me. 😘

[Nichola is represented by FACE as a model and our sister agency FACTOR as an actor.]
To book her for a shoot please email:

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Face Juniors - your questions answered!

All your child modelling FAQ's answered...


How to apply at Face, for my child? 

You can head over to our website, where we break down all the details you need and the contact information, to apply for representation for your child. We also provide an example of the type of photos to submit. Apply here.

What clients do you work with?

Face has been established now for over a decade and we work with some of the biggest names in the business! You can check out our Instagram to see all the latest campaigns we have been working on. To name a small few; Mamas & Papas, Asda, Tog24, Jet2 and Silent Night.

How much do kids earn from modelling? 

The rates can vary. It all depends on the clients budget, usage fees and how long the shoot is for (whether it is a couple of hours, half day, full day or a couple of days). 

Once my child is represented by Face, are they guaranteed work

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your child work - no reputable agency can (if they say they can, it could be a scam!). We have no control over what work comes our way and what models the client chooses. 

What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

If you join our books and you already have a portfolio of professional images, we will invite you in to meet the bookers and have a chat about how the agency works. If you don't already have a portfolio - you will be invited to attend a kids photographic day, at our offices, to create a portfolio. From there, your child will be registered with the agency and their images are uploaded onto the website. Any briefs that your child meets the criteria for, we will put them forward. If a clients contacts us to meet your child for a casting and/or book them for a shoot, we will contact you immediately. 

 Does it cost any money for my child to join Face?

We do not charge any registration fees. We do charge for our kids photographic days, all costs are discussed prior to accepting a child onto the books and there are no costs that are compulsory.

Wednesday 8 March 2023


 Frequently asked questions for ACTORS


Do I need professional headshots to be an actor?

Yes! Your headshot is the first thing the casting director is going to see when you are submitted for a role, so you must invest in top quality professional headshots. However, this is something an agency can help you with if you get representation. 


Can I be an actor if I haven’t attended drama school? 

Yes! Everyone has to start somewhere. So if you haven’t attended drama school but you think you have what it takes, you can apply to an agency and do an audition OR you could even record a piece on your phone and submit it with your application so they can see your potential. 


I want to be an actor but I don’t know where to start? 

Some of our actors at Face joined our books as Supporting Artists and worked their way to becoming an actor by getting the credits, attending acting classes & are now on Spotlight! So why not apply to Face as a Supporting Artist and you never know where it may take you… 

Do I need a showreel?

To be a working actor YES, you need a showreel! However, that does not mean you need one to apply for representation, as this is something your agent can help you with. 


Does it cost money to become an actor?

Like any job, you need to invest! To be a working actor you need; professional headshots, a Spotlight membership, a showreel & usually actors continue to hone in on their craft by attending acting classes & workshops etc… all of which you will be responsible for paying for. 

Click here to apply for representation at FACE  

Click here to apply for representation at FACTOR 


What is the difference between Face & Factor?

At Face we represent; models, creatives, supporting artists and actors available for commercials. At Factor we represent professional actors who are on Spotlight. So, if you are an actor with no prior training or experience you can apply to Face however if you are an actor who has either; attended drama school &/or are currently on Spotlight you should apply to Factor.