Tuesday 20 February 2024

In The Spotlight: NICK GAYLE

 1. How did you get into the creative industry? 

I was a professional athlete before getting into modelling. I was not making enough money to keep my career going and one day at the physiotherapy clinic I was paying my bill and I told the receptionist that I might have to retire. She talked me out of it and suggested getting into modelling might help pay for my athletics training. I went home got my then girlfriend to take a picture of me and applied to an agency, a week later I got signed!

2. Your best piece of advice for aspiring models? 

Network! Build a relationship with your peers and surround yourself with people who care about your career.

3. What has been your favourite shoot to date? 

I love all of the work. If I had pick one, I would say shooting with Jet2 was special. Travelling to Crete, shooting on the best beaches and hotels was unreal. This was a special job for me because five years earlier I didn’t know where my career was going and I saw one of their commercials on TV and I kept rewinding back thinking I wish I could do a shoot with them. To achieve that was like a wish come true.

4. If you had to choose someone (besides yourself) to play you in a movie, who would you choose & why? 

I would have Leonardo DiCaprio OR Kano. Kano and I are both from Jamaican British backgrounds and his performances in Top Boy are out of this world.

5: Best thing about being represented by Face? 

I love being represented by Face, they are an amazing team who have helped me get dream jobs. Vicky and her team have been great at communicating with me and have consistently taken my career serious.

6. Did you always want to be in this industry or did you have a different childhood dream? 

My dream was always to be professional athlete. I never really prepared for this career, I learnt on the job and the goals I wanted to achieve came later.