Sunday 10 October 2021

In The Spotlight: ANNEKA NAYLOR


We caught up with Anneka Naylor for our latest MODEL Q&A! 

Your favourite thing about being a model?

The incredible experiences I’ve been able to take part in, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without modelling.

 Best advice / tip to aspiring models?

Don’t let knock backs keep you down, persevere and you’ll get to experience amazing opportunities. 


What is your claim to fame?

Being a part of Peaky Blinders as a main character double! I seriously can’t wait for season 6 to come out, I’m a huge huge fan of the show. 


What has been your favourite modelling job to date?

Favourite modelling job so far would have to be the Extreme Lounging shoot which was in a gorgeous part of York surrounded by gorgeous views and Shetland ponies :) 

 Favourite song to sing at Karaoke?

Ooooo going to say Dancing Queen by ABBA haha.



Best thing about being represented by Face?

The fabulous team obviously:) wouldn’t be anywhere without FACE!


Favourite film?

An intelligent answer would be Shutter Island but my actual favourite is Fantastic Mr Fox, I just love the animation.


What actor would you choose to play the role of YOU? 

Ooooft tough one but I do absolutely love Jodie Cromer!

What's your biggest talent? (besides being a great model, obviously!)

I love drawing and making my own clothes.