Tuesday 25 February 2020

Understanding the different types of modelling

The exciting and ever changing world of modelling is so diverse right now with more models & types of modelling than ever before! The most important thing is understanding what type of model you are and finding your feet in the industry. This will enable you to sign with the agency that you are most suited to you and an agency that will steer your career in the right direction. It's important to remember that you can fit into several categories, just because you're a petite model for example doesn't mean you can't be a commercial or fitness model! So, we thought we would provide you with some of the different types of modelling in today's industry to help you figure out your modelling career path. 


Fashion models are usually the faces you might see in fashion magazines, on shop windows and on e-comm sites such as Boohoo, Topshop, ASOS etc... Female models are usually around 5'7"-5'10" in height and usually are the 'girl or boy next door' type if shooting for fashion. Whilst male models are usually around 5'10" - 6'3" in height. However this can differ between garment sizing and requirements of the brand the model is shooting for. Editorial models usually work for top fashion designers such as Gucci, Prada, Vivienne Westwood etc. and as a whole, editorial modelling tends to be the most selective. Most editorial models are incredibly tall, slim & sometimes have a very unique look.
Runway model

These models are catwalk models that showcase a designer’s clothing line. Due to the precise sizes of the designer’s clothing, runway models need to be specific measurements. If you are 5’9 or over then this type of modelling could be for you.

Commercial model

Commercial models are not restricted by age, but agencies do tend to have specific guidelines they work to. Commercial models generally represent your 'everyday' kind of look who will go on to advertise a wide range of products in catalogs, campaigns & commercials.
Fitness model

These models tend to be fit, toned, and athletically built. This of course makes sense as these models mainly work with fitness brands selling clothes or products.

Fit model

A fit model works behind the scenes with brands to help get the sizing right for their clothing lines before they go to market. They usually are the average sized person at that time in their country and they will model the garments whilst the buying team and garment technician will see how the clothes fit and if anything needs changing before going to market. This usually involves a lot of fit sessions and pitch meetings.

Promotional model 

This type of model books jobs that help sell or promote a certain commodity. Promotional models are often found at live events such as fashion or bridal shows modelling on the catwalk or for the stands. As a whole, these models must be personable & outgoing to attract buyers.

Petite model 

Petite models are generally around 5'2" - 5'5". With more and more brands offering a petite range, this type of modelling is becoming more popular and in demand. Since petite models usually have smaller shoe sizes & glove sizes, they are also popular as foot & hand models.

Plus size & curve 

A plus-size or curve model is usually a size 12+. Like petite models, plus size & curve models are in high demand with more and more fashion brands offering these ranges, as well as events such as fashion and bridal shows. 

Friday 7 February 2020

Take that step in 2020

One of the most fulfilling things about working at Face HQ is seeing people and their careers grow and flourish - we have a lot of people on our books that we currently represent who started out in our junior division who are now being represented as a part of our lifestyle division! As an agency we are here to steer people's careers in the right direction and help them get to where they want to be and so we thought we would share a few of our supporting artists' journeys and where they are today... 

Established model & actor Daniel Bakken started out on our books as a supporting artist. His desire to learn and throw himself into any situation and out of his comfort zone was amazing to work with. Seeing his potential, we welcomed Daniel to our modelling division where he instantly flourished. Soon after he self-taped for an Adidas commercial, the Casting Director LOVED him and he got booked. This saw the start to what is a very successful career for Daniel today... Since then he has flew to Barcelona to shoot for ‘Anytime Fitness’, he travels all around the country working for brands such as; Slaters, The Broadway Shopping Centre, Smiffys Fancy Dress and Heineken to name but a few. His time spent on set as a model and supporting artist lead to Daniel quickly developing a passion for acting and his career to date has seen him appear in Ackley Bridge, Hollyoaks, Feature Film Ruth The Musical as well as video & commercials for big brands such as Sofology, Samsung and Warburtons .

Amy Peer had a similar journey to Daniels. After a few months of being represented as a supporting artist, Amy came into our office to get updated headshots - it was here that our founder met Amy in person and saw her potential in front of the camera as a model and insisted she started building a portfolio so that she could kick-start her career as a model. We sent her on her first test shoot and soon after she was booking jobs with some of our top clients such as; Tog 24, Harry Hall, KFC, Britvic, Adidas and Veromia to name a few.

A lot of the models on our books started out this way - like Shelly Dulieu & Tomas Bersier who work week in, week out for us shooting for some of our biggest clients. 

So, if you are open minded, prepared to leave your comfort zone, be eager to learn, work hard and take that first step, who knows where life may take you…