Monday, 27 September 2021

In The Spotlight: DEREK MILLER

We caught up with Derek Miller for our latest ACTOR Q&A! 

 What's your biggest talent? (besides being a great actor, obviously!) 

Probably my cooking skills - after I moved here from the states I missed a lot of specific foods - so I started doing pop up food nights under the name State Side!

 How would your friends describe you in 3 words? 

Magnanimous - Impish - Brazen - (my friends have a great vocabulary)

Best advice / tip to aspiring actors? 

Write and make your own content! Don’t wait for the gatekeepers to decide when you get to be what you are - if you’re truly an actor you don’t need to say aspiring - actively be an actor - shoot stuff put up shows, be. 

What has been your favourite acting job to date? 

I have had some pretty incredible experiences on different sets in Hollywood-  but I think the most all encompassing was for Wedding Band (Amazon Prime). I got to do my two favourite things - be funny and be musical (I was trained to be a drummer for the show!).

Who's your guilty crush?! 

Emily Blunt - without a hint of guilt! There’s an alternate timeline where I got the part of Jim on the American Office (which I auditioned for) and she never met John Krazsinski :)

What actor (besides yourself) would you choose to play the role of YOU? 

Jason Bateman.

Best thing about being represented by Face? 

The SUPPORT oh my god - never had it so good. Feel uplifted every time I send a self tape! I had the best manager in LA for comedy - (everyone who came up with me in that office is mega famous now.) They had all the clout but I had to constantly remind them what I could do - Once my manager said “But you don’t do characters though...”  - forgetting that in my first series on MTV I played 20 different characters!

The thing you're most proud of in life? 

My relationship with my son. 

Something people don’t know about you? 

I’ve got a deep nerd side of collecting comic books and playing obscure board games. 

Watch Derek Millers showreel over on his page here

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